Collection: Flavored Sweeteners

When you want sweet treats without extra sugar or calories, use Sugar-Free Liquid Sweetener from One on One Flavors. Sweeteners are substances to enhance the sweetness of food and drinks, either as a substitute for sugar or to augment its sweetness. Our tasty substitutes are available in delicious options like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Boost your favorite recipes with our scrumptious ingredients, and enjoy the sweet taste without sugar. Whether you want to reduce your sugar intake or explore new products, our Flavored Sweeteners are perfect for you.

So how do we achieve yummy Flavors without sugar? The answer is Monk Fruit. Monk Fruit Sweeteners come from a small round fruit grown in Southeast Asia. They have a sweet but zero-calorie juice that amplifies food and beverages. Use our Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops in various recipes to reduce calories without sacrificing sweetness!

From coffee to desserts, any recipe can have an elevated Flavor profile with our products. Check out our line of Flavored Sweeteners now!