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Natural oils enhance meals. For example, sunflower oil is a popular cooking oil due to its neutral flavor and high smoke point. However, it can also add Flavor to different dishes. To achieve specific tastes, you may need a lot of oils, which can alter the consistency of your recipes. Luckily, our Natural Flavored Oils give you exceptional Flavor without drowning your batters and bases with excess ingredients. You only need a few drops to boost your recipes and elevate meals, beverages, candy, lip gloss, and other concoctions you want to create.

Plus, our Flavor Drops are unsweetened. When you use Unsweetened Natural Flavor Concentrates, you receive accurate notes of Fruits, Oils, Nuts, and other foods. Leave overly sweet and odd Flavors in the past when you use our Concentrates. Our products enhance your recipes—not overpower them.

Nothing compares to our Natural Flavored Oils, and we encourage you to add them to batters, drinks, cosmetic bases, and many other creations.

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