Collection: DIY | Multipurpose Flavor Drops

Indulge in your DIY side with Flavoring agents. From lip products to baked goods, our Multipurpose Flavor Drops are great for any creation. Our Concentrates are economical, versatile, and easy to use! They don’t take a long time to steep for cloud production. Homemade creations are unique and ideal for various applications. Whether you want lip gloss with all-natural ingredients or yummy treats with distinct tastes, there’s a Liquid Concentrate that fits your needs. We have a diverse selection of DIY Flavor Concentrates like Corn Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Ice Cream, and much more!

A little goes a long way with our Multipurpose Flavor Drops, and you only need a few drops per batch or cosmetic base. Boost all your creations with our little magical bottles!

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