Collection: Cosmetics Flavor Oils

Lip products usually have butters, oils, and wax to nourish your lips. These cosmetic-grade ingredients are beneficial because they give you extra vitamins, hydration, and are aesthetically pleasing to wear. However, plain lip product bases lack Flavor and uniqueness. It’s time to step up your cosmetic game with our Lip Gloss Flavoring Oils. Our collections include Fruity, Baked Good–inspired, and Cocktail Flavoring that will elevate your products. Imagine a French Vanilla gloss, Cran-Apple scrub, or Peach lip balm. The possibilities are virtually endless with our Cosmetic Flavor Oils!

Leave boring lip products in the past when you can enhance bases with appealing oils. Whether you own a beauty line or make homemade products, you need Flavor Oils for Cosmetics to improve your operation. You only need a few drops of our wonderful Concentrates to boost glosses, balms, and other items.

Look at our Cosmetic Flavor Oils to find your new favorite product.