Top 6 Food Flavors Consumers Are Craving in 2022

Top 6 Food Flavors Consumers Are Craving in 2022

These days, people are all about flavor in their favorite meals. And this year, you can understand popular trends that will influence your cuisine choices. Check out this list of the top six food flavors consumers are craving in 2022. And consider adding these flavors to your next meal!

What Do People Want in 2022?

In 2022, consumers are reevaluating the foods they eat every day and are becoming more conscious of their health. However, people still want to enjoy meals with tons of flavor. Fortunately, a great way to enhance meals is to add flavor concentrates to different dishes. And with “all of the taste and none of the guilt,” people can improve their meals in no time!

Diet Trend Influences

Every year, new diet trends influence people to adopt healthier lifestyles and be mindful of their dietary selections. And foods within the diet trend become more popular and relevant in people’s lives. Therefore, specific ingredients create distinct flavors that people seek.

Before diving into the popular flavors of 2022, it’s important to address diet trends and their influences on flavors. Here are some specific trends to know:

  • Plant-based Omega 3: Though you will find Omega 3 fatty acids in mackerel or tuna, plant-based options are available. And people consume flaxseed, walnuts, and edamame for protein and fiber.
  • International flavors: Now, more than ever, people seek global flavors. Whether it’s familiar tastes from their favorite international dishes or spices from different countries, the demand for global food is high.
  • Seeded foods: Tiny seeds make a big impact on an individual’s diet. Hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds are popular options because they possess many health benefits.
  • Naturally sweetened: People are more aware of their sugar consumption, and they’re looking for ways to cut down their artificial sugar intake. Therefore, naturally sweetened foods, fruit juices, and spices are best for some individuals.

Top 6 Flavors of 2022

Food consumption and flavor preferences change every year. And to stay up-to-date on the latest fads, check out the six food flavors consumers are craving in 2022.

Citrus and Fruity

Citrus is a standout ingredient in various dishes and beverages because the taste and aroma can enhance the flavor profile of a meal or drink. And with over 100 types of citrus fruit, consumers have the opportunity to create something delicious.

Fruity flavors are always a fan favorite because they’re sweet and fresh. When people talk about fruit categories, tropical, berry, and stone come to mind. Tropical options, like pineapple and guava, remind people of the yummy flavors you experience on vacation or during the summer. Strawberries, mixed berries, and cranberries have a sweet and juicy freshness that’s unparalleled.

And stone fruits, like apricots, peaches, and cherries, are classic flavors that people enjoy. Given the natural sweetness and nostalgic taste of citrus and other fruits, people can’t imagine a year without their favorite produce!

Global Inspired

Some people seek familiar tastes, while others want a new experience. Globally inspired flavors are another trend consumers want. The pandemic resulted in the halt of international travel, so people ate local and easily accessible foods. But now, people want to tap into global cuisine and authentic flavors.

People want recipes with familiar foods paired with global dips or sauces to adjust to international cuisine. For example, Thai peanut sauce with chicken or siracha in cream-based sauces are options people seek. In 2022, there will be a significant influence from Asian, African, and Latin American countries that produce distinct and tasty flavors. Consumers can prepare their tastebuds for ethnic and fusion cuisine!


Did you know that many consumers associate earthy and plant-based flavors with healthfulness? With a greater interest in natural ingredients, people are opting for nature-inspired meals and snacks. Plant-based ingredients, like whole grains, nuts, and chickpeas, are the foundation of various dishes.

People want to experience plant-based cuisine that’s delicious with nutritional value. Hummus, marinated tofu, and spreads with nut and seed butter can satisfy tastebuds. Also, botanical additions in meals are popular!

Comfort Food

Comfort food comes in various forms depending on the consumer’s background. However, many can agree that comfort foods are familiar flavors that bring back fond memories of childhood or other points in life. Maybe grandma’s chicken pot pie was a family favorite, or perhaps spaghetti and meatballs were the ultimate pasta dish.

Regardless of the consumer’s preference, comfort food is a “flavor” that’s thriving in 2022. In the United States, some comfort flavors include fresh strawberry, caramel apple, chocolate fudge, and vanilla cupcake. On the savory side, options include cheddar cheese, dill pickle, and jalapeno. Nostalgia is the driving force of this trend because food manufacturers figure that consumers who are on the fence about new flavors are likely to eat old and familiar ones.


Although consumers are paying attention to their sugar intake, people still enjoy sweet treats and products. As previously mentioned, consumers opt for naturally sweetened foods, fruit juices, and spices to incorporate into their diet. For example, people put cinnamon or ginger in their coffee instead of granulated sugar to achieve sweetness without the extra calories.

There is also another side to the consumer demand for sweet flavors. People who enjoy candy, baked goods, and other confections want products to reflect their taste buds. Cake-flavored protein bars, fruit cereal-flavored pre-workout, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups are some things consumers enjoy. But regardless of the nutritional impact, it’s still important to consume sweet foods in moderation.


People are no longer shying away from spice! And within the past five years, products with spicy flavors have become increasingly popular throughout the United States. Consumers love the unique seasoning blends on various savory snacks and dishes with ingredients like cayenne, paprika, chili pepper, and ginger. From Habanero chips to chili pepper meat marinades, consumers embrace the enticing tastes.

This year, people want subtle kicks of spice with various savory notes that pair with their favorite meals. More importantly, consumers want an amazing flavor that doesn’t leave a burning taste in their mouths. To begin a spice journey, people can start with mild selections, like cumin and cardamon, then make their way to chipotle seasoning and curry powder.

Bring On the Flavor

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Top 6 Food Flavors Consumers Are Craving in 2022
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