The Impressive History of Jawbreaker Candy

The Impressive History of Jawbreaker Candy
The Impressive History of Jawbreaker Candy

Jawbreakers are a round, hard candy that many people enjoy. But have you ever thought about their origin story? Fortunately, we have a breakdown of the impressive history of jawbreaker candy. Also, if you ever thought about making jawbreakers of your own, you should add hard candy flavoring oils to create the best flavor for your delicious creations!

Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name

The term “jawbreaker” dates back to 1839 as “a hard-to-pronounce word.” Many people wonder how this term became the name of candy; the truth is, no one knows! However, Ferrara Pan Candy Company made the jawbreaker candy famous in 1919. The owner of this company, Salvatore Ferrara, was an Italian immigrant in the United States who founded this amazing candy business. Though we don’t know many details of the exact candy origin, this confection is one of the most popular candies to date!

The Most Important Ingredient

The most important ingredient in a jawbreaker is sugar. In fact, all other ingredients only take up a small percentage of the finished product. Jawbreakers use a mix of artificial flavoring and colors to create a variety of flavors. Manufactures also use calcium stearate as a binding agent and carnauba wax to create a shiny, polished surface on the candy.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers use a hot pan process to create jawbreakers. The candy-making pans are spherical copper kettles that constantly rotate over a gas flame. This shapes the sugar and other ingredients into a ball. After cooling down, manufacturers can add coloring and additional flavoring to the outer layers of the ball.

Can a Jawbreaker Break Your Jaw?

Given the natural implication of the name “jawbreaker,” you may wonder if this hard candy can break your jaw. It’s important to understand that this candy is hard, and we don’t suggest biting into it. It can injure your jaw and may break a tooth. Therefore, it’s best to lick a jawbreaker like a lollipop.

Jawbreakers are tasty treats that anyone can enjoy, and we hope our summary of the impressive history of jawbreaker candy taught you something new! If this quick history lesson inspired you to make your own candy, you should browse through Get Suckered’s selection of candy flavoring concentrates. We have delicious options that will take your creations to the next level!

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