The Most Popular Hard Candy Flavors of All Time

The Most Popular Hard Candy Flavors of All Time
The Most Popular Hard Candy Flavors of All Time

There's nothing quite like hard candy. Deliciously simple and sweet, hard candy is one of the most classic and satisfying dessert options for any occasion. In fact, hard candy has been a beloved favorite of candy enthusiasts around the globe for over a century.

There's plenty of evidence that suggests that hard candy has long been a practiced baking recipe. In 1844, a Dutchman officially founded hard candy when he mistakenly created a dissolved sugar and chocolate dessert. Ever since its creation, this dessert has only evolved into more delicious and mouth-watering flavors.  

True candy connoisseurs know that not all candy flavors rank the same, though. While widely debated, there are undoubtedly some candy flavors that make a greater impression than others. This article will focus on some of the most popular hard candy flavors of all time. We'll discuss the tastes and popularity of each flavor to determine the ultimate candy flavor ever created. Let's get started!

8th Place: Banana

When used correctly in desserts, bananas can be an incredibly beneficial and enjoyable flavor. However, hard candy's texture and banana flavor are not a match made in heaven. The combination of these two ingredients is ultimately confusing.

The crystallized and sugary sweetness of hard candies mixed with the muted taste of banana ultimately falls flat. The most confusing element of this dessert is texture. Bakers typically use bananas to add thickness to desserts, so this banana concoction is bizarre when boiled down into a hardened sugar.

While it may not be a fan favorite, this candy still ranks eighth on our list. 

7th Place: Caramel

Next on our list, we have a flavor shift away from tart fruit to creamy caramel. The leap from banana flavor enthusiasts to caramel is quite significant. Not only is caramel hard candy one of the first hard candy creations to gain popularity in the early 1900s, but this flavor also continues to impress to this day.

The perfect combination of creamy, muted, and delectable flavors, hard caramel candy has one of the best taste profiles that will cement this dessert as one of the most popular hard candy flavors of all time.

6th Place: Orange

Ranking at number six on our list, orange-flavored hard candy is also one of the most popular hard candies of all time. Delightfully refreshing and zesty, this flavor packs a punch of delicious fruitiness in its candy. However, while it's more popular than banana and caramel candy, hard orange candy still does not rank within the top five flavors on this list.

Similar to bananas, texture plays a significant role in orange's entire mouthfeel, which is why it may be ranked lower than anticipated.

5th Place: Butterscotch

Similar to caramel, hard butterscotch candy is a classically favorite flavor. The perfect combination of light honey, salt, and rum extract, this candy combination melts consistent flavor into your mouth. The buttery and classic taste of this candy is also an ode to the past.

Both caramel and butterscotch candy were some of the first largely manufactured and sold candy flavors. So, if you have a craving for a classically sweet dessert, hard butterscotch candy will never disappoint.

4th Place: Lemon

Lemon hard candy is the ultimate combination of sweet and sour flavors. No other candy flavor will produce quite the same delectably mouth-watering sensation as hard lemon candy. This flavor will never disappoint and will forever be a classic favorite, whether enjoyed as lemon drops, lemon suckers, or shattered glass hard candy.

3rd Place: Watermelon

We've made it to our top three most popular hard candy flavor rankings, which means each of these three flavors are iconic in their own right. 

Ranking in third place with a concentration of sweet and sugary goodness is watermelon. This candy flavor will burst refreshing and revitalizing sweetness from the front of your mouth to the back of your tongue. Perfect for the summertime, this flavor is a classically delicious and undeniably beloved hard candy flavor.

2nd Place: Strawberry

Coming in at second place for most, the famous candy flavor of all time is strawberry. Strawberry hard candy carries the same delectably sweet sugariness of watermelon with a tart twist. The acidic tart in this candy flavoring brings out this dessert's sweet and refreshing taste even more strongly. There is simply no way to go wrong when baking delicious strawberry hard candy.

1st Place: Cherry

Finally, the most popular hard candy flavor of all time is none other than the classic, iconic, and unforgettable taste of cherry candy. Not only is this candy flavor one of the most recognizable flavors for lollipops, shattered hard candy, and candy canes, but this flavor is also one of the most beloved.

Similar to both watermelon and strawberry, cherry candy blends the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness. Suck on this candy for hours or break open its explosive flavor with your teeth. Either way, there's plenty of ways to enjoy this sweet treat.

The Takeaway

Ranking some of the best hard candy flavors has been no easy task. With so many mouth-watering flavor combinations to choose from, it's almost impossible to pin these flavors down into one ranking.

Disagree with our list? Consider hosting a hard candy baking night to test each of these flavors with your own opinion. Since hard candy only requires hard candy flavoring oils, sugar, water, and heat to bake, making your own hard candy is convenient and simple. Once you're finished baking, taste test each of these flavors and create your own ranking with friends!

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The Most Popular Hard Candy Flavors of All Time
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