The Most Unusual Candies Throughout History

The Most Unusual Candies Throughout History
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Whether you prefer the sour taste of fruit-flavored gummies or the silky-smooth taste of chocolate, it seems like there are a million different types of candies to taste test. It is fascinating to imagine that the wide selection of candy we have today all originated from fruits, nuts, and honey.

In fact, honey-covered fruits and nuts were some of the very first candies created in recorded history. The Mayans and Aztecs were also known as the first ones to boil and drink chocolate from cocoa beans.

Since the beginning of candy’s history, people have created countless recipes to elevate and experiment with different sweet flavors. However, some recipes are better than others. In this blog, we’re focusing on some of the most unusual candies throughout history.

Wasabi Candy

When most people think of wasabi, they don’t imagine this food as a key candy ingredient. In fact, seeing wasabi associated with anything other than sushi is anxiety-inducing. However, candy manufacturers saw bright potential in combining the spicy flavor of wasabi with chocolate candy.

Several different candy brands have created recipes with this unusual combination. However, after receiving a mostly unenthusiastic response from customers, wasabi candy is less commonly produced and sold.

Pickle Candy Canes

Yes, you read that correctly: pickle candy canes. This highly unusual hard candy combines the sourly fermented taste of pickles with holiday peppermint candy canes. Although many vomit at the idea of combining these two flavors, pickle candy canes have their own band of loyal enthusiasts.

Chlorophyll Candy

This particular candy flavor was first brought to fruition in the 1960s when the creator of PEZ candy decided to create a candy based on chlorophyll. While chlorophyll is most definitely a strange flavor to include in a famous candy, PEZ used concentrated candy flavoring in this recipe to feed into the “flower child” aesthetic of the 1960s.

BBQ Payday Candy Bars

Perhaps the most unusual candy flavor ever created is the BBQ Payday bar. This uncomfortable flavor combination is the result of the 2017 campaign released by the Hersey Company.

To symbolize the different classic taste palettes throughout the United States, the Hersey Company created special flavor editions for each of its candy brands. For example, they released a special cherry cheesecake edition of their classic chocolate bars. 

Hershey’s campaign founded several unique flavor combinations, but the most unusual by far was the BBQ Payday bar. With BBQ roasted nuts mixed into its classic recipe, this candy is an acquired taste.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking back at some of the most unusual candies throughout history with us. Although many of these flavors are not commonly sold or enjoyed, it’s still fascinating to see how our candy recipes continue to evolve.

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