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Baking Flavors

Thanks for stopping by!  We understand that there are a few other options for your flavor needs but feel confident that we will win you over with a quality product that is safe and dependable.  Most importantly, consistency with excellent customer service.

If you're looking to skip to the flavor that you're interested in, just take a look at the list below.  Click on the flavor and it will route your directly to its description, price and availability.  If for some reason you do not see a flavor that you're looking for or it may be that it requires us to special order it, please send us and email…there's a good chance that we may have it in stock.  

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Important Information:  These Emulsion Flavors are used Baking and could be used for other purposes such as Icing and Cooking.  

Ingredients:  No Alcohol Kosher Certified. Gluten Free & Sugar Free. Contains: Water, Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Some Color. Soluble in Water.

All Flavors are Diacetyl Free

Amaretto Emulsion Chocolate Bakery Emulsion  Guava Flavor Emulsion  Pineapple Orange Banana Emulsion 
Ambrosia Emulsion Chocolate Emulsion  Honey Brown Sugar Emulsion  Pistachio Emulsion 
Anise Emulsion  Cinnamon Emulsion Jalapeno Emulsion  Pumpkin Pie Emulsion 
Apple Emulsion  Citrus Blend Emulsion  Kiwi Emulsion Red Hot Cinnamon Emulsion 
Apple Pie Emulsion  Citrus Punch Emulsion Lavender Emulsion  Rum Emulsion 
Bourbon Flavor Emulsion  Cognac Flavor Emulsion  Lemon Bakery Emulsion  Shamrock Mint Emulsion 
Boysenberry Flavor Emulsion  Cola Emulsion  Licorice Emulsion  Sourdough Emulsion 
Butter Bakery Emulsion  Cream Cheese Emulsion  Oatmeal Emulsion  Spearmint Emulsion 
Butter Emulsion Creme Bouquet Emulsion Orange & Cream Emulsion  Strawberry Margarita Emulsion 
Butter Lemon Orange Emulsion  Creme Brulee Emulsion Papaya Orange Emulsion  Tangerine Emulsion 
Butter Toffee Emulsion  Daiquiri Flavor Emulsion Passion Fruit Flavor Emulsion  Tira Misu' Emulsion 
Butter Vanilla Emulsion  Ginger Bakery Emulsion  Peanut Butter Emulsion  Tropical Punch Flavor Emulsion 
Cake Batter Flavor Emulsion  Grapefruit Flavor Emulsion Pina Colada Emulsion  Vanilla Creme Emulsion 
Cantaloupe Emulsion  Green Tea Emulsion  Pineapple Emulsion  Walnut Emulsion 

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