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Get Suckered Flavorings are versatile Concentrates for baked goods, candy, beverages, lip glosses, and much more. The Oil Based Flavors are OS or Oil Soluble, and our Oil Based Flavors contain the NFI (non-flavor ingredient) Soybean Oil. From Tropical to Toasty Flavors, our products are yummy and can elevate any creation. The Oil Based Flavors can withstand heat up to 400 F, making them ideal for baked treats like Muffins, Cakes, Scones, and other crowd-pleasing goods. Whether you’re a professional baker or an at-home chef, our Concentrates can improve your products. The Unsweetened Flavoring Oils add a distinct taste to your recipes without altering the composition of batters or bases.

When you need an extra wow factor for recipes, seamlessly blend Oil-Soluble Flavors into your creations to elevate them. Our products are ideal substitutes for traditional Flavoring agents because they’re more potent. A few drops go a long way!

Get Suckered Flavoring is the best enhancement for various applications. Don’t wait; purchase your Concentrates now.

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