Pea-Not Butter Recipe

Pea-Not Butter Recipe
Today, we're going to be showing you how to make peanut butter.
We're gonna be using these chickpeas here that I roasted at 380 for about 20 minutes and we're gonna put them into a food processor.
So let's go ahead and add a few drops of our flavoring.
A drop for full and a half.
Let start blending.
I'm gonna start off with just some vanilla, half a drop or full two drops of this almond oil.
It is so strong and it's super concentrated and then we'll keep blending next.
I'm gonna stream in as I'm hearing a little bit of our molasses we're gonna be adding in just a little bit of vegetable oil immediately.
You could hear it kind of thicken up.
So that's a really good sign.
A little bit of salt for our final blend.
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