How To Infuse Liquor With Custom Flavors

How To Infuse Liquor With Custom Flavors
How To Infuse Liquor With Custom Flavors

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or attending a pool party, no get-together is complete without a delicious alcoholic beverage. If you’re a true connoisseur of different cocktails, you most likely know that enjoying alcohol is about appreciating far more than the simple formulas of these drinks. It’s also essential to elevate your beverages with specialty flavors.

In this blog, we’re sharing how to infuse liquor with custom flavors. Let’s get started!

Choose Your Liquor

Before starting any other step of this process, you must first pick your liquor. There are no limits to the type of alcohol you can infuse. Some of the most common liquors that blend well with various flavors include vodka, rum, tequila, gin, and Irish cream.

Like any other flavor combination, each of these drinks will have palates that make them more compatible with certain flavors. For example, vodka and tequila always pair well with citrus flavors, whereas Irish cream will need a more muted and creamier collaborator.

Bonus tip: If you love the taste of your favorite alcoholic drink but can’t currently consume alcohol, try adding liquor essences to your drink instead. This liquid flavoring will mimic the classic taste of your favorite liquor or cocktail, so you can blend it with other flavors to create the perfect mocktail!

Choose Your Flavor

Once you’ve chosen a liquor, it’s time to pick the perfect flavor to infuse it with. There are two different ways to infuse alcohol with custom flavors. First, you can infuse flavors naturally by placing cut-up fruit or herbs in your liquor and setting this combination to sit for a couple of days. While this results in a delicious drink, it can be a lengthy process for infusing your liquors.

For a more efficient and delectable infusion process, we recommend using beverage flavoring instead. Small but mighty, a few drops of these beverage concentrates can add a massive amount of mouth-watering flavor to your drink.

Whether you prefer strawberry, lime, dulce de leche, or any other delectable flavor, you’ll find the perfect collaborator for your dream alcohol drink.

Mix it Up!

Now that you’ve picked out your liquor and your flavor concentrate, it’s time to mix the two. Add your concentrates into your beverage, stir your alcohol, and enjoy! Just like that, you have a customized alcoholic beverage.

For added flavors and fun, we recommend adding real fruits, syrups, and other toppings to your drink. For example, consider adding a lemon slice at the top of your glass or pouring chocolate syrups around the rim. Add as many different toppings and flavors as you desire!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on how to infuse liquor with custom flavors. If you’re ready to start, consider browsing Get Suckered’s website to explore some of our delectable liquor concentrates and flavors.

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