What Cotton Candy Flavor Is Made Of

What Cotton Candy Flavor Is Made Of
What Cotton Candy Flavor Is Made Of

Have you ever wondered why cotton candy is so delicious? How people can so perfectly recreate the flavor that it immediately takes you back to summer nights at your hometown fair? Well, it probably has to do with the flavors that make it taste the way it does! For a deeper look at what cotton candy flavor is made of, read below.

Ethyl Maltol

The synthetic flavor known as ethyl maltol is the main ingredient in the cotton candy flavor. Different recipes, food items, and flavor mixtures use this specific ingredient as a flavor enhancer. Add this, and you’re one step closer to creating the cotton candy flavor.

Strawberry Furanone

Strawberry furanone is another ingredient in cotton candy flavoring. This taste, often described as sweet and fruity, creates the overall flavor. This chemical compound comes from another compound known as furan.

Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin

These two ingredients are also included in any mixture that’s trying to achieve the cotton candy flavor. You don’t want to forget these, because if you do, your creation just might not taste the same!

These three ingredients make up most of the overall flavor of cotton candy. Some flavoring companies might switch up their mixtures or recipes, but they’ll always contain these three ingredients to create the overall cotton candy flavoring.

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