Top Safety Tips for Candy Making

Top Safety Tips for Candy Making
Top Safety Tips for Candy Making

Candy making is an art and a science. It’s a fun endeavor for a fantastic hobby or even a fun-filled business venture. Regardless of what’s driving you to make your own homemade candies, it’s important to recognize that this can be a dangerous venture. Here are some top safety tips for candy making.

Keep Pets and Children Away From Your Candy-Making Space

Candy making is an activity that requires a lot of hot equipment, which poses potential burn threats to those around the candy-making area. Pets and children should stay out of your candy-making space at all times when you are working. It is very likely that a pet or child could bump into something accidentally and sustain burns. It’s also likely that they could be intrigued by something that looks so delicious and not realize how hot it is, thus touching it purposefully and burning themselves accidentally.

Use the Back Burners on Your Stove for Cooking Candy

Another safety tip for candy making is to keep the candy you’re cooking on the back burners of your stove. The goal while cooking candy should be to keep the hot or boiling candy material as far from your face and chest as possible until it is sufficiently cooled. The back burners pose less of a threat for bubbling up and burning you. They also reduce the chances that you could accidentally tip over the hot pots and dump the extremely hot solution onto yourself. Hot candy can cause serious burns.

Always Be Alert When Cooking Candy

When you are making candy, always be in a mindset to react. Candy dilutions can bubble up, pop, or get knocked over at a moment’s notice. As a candy maker, you should always be aware of where your hot or dangerous items are and what they are doing, and you need to have a reaction plan for if something should go wrong. This includes keeping a fire extinguisher in your cooking area, being well-versed on how to use it, and knowing when it is the necessary next step.

For all your candy-making endeavors, be sure to have the right equipment on hand before you start. Check out our selection of fun hard candy flavorings and more!

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