4 Ways To Make Water Taste Better With Liquid Concentrates

4 Ways To Make Water Taste Better With Liquid Concentrates

Water is crucial for our well-being, but many people don’t consume enough water because they think it’s bland or boring. Fortunately, we have awesome ways to make water taste better with liquid concentrates! You’ll boost your water intake in no time with the following tips.

Add Beverage Flavoring Concentrates to Water

Enhance water with Beverage Flavoring Concentrates. The highly concentrated additives use natural and synthetic Flavors to boost the taste of any drink. At One on One Flavors, we offer options like Citrus Punch, Ginger Ale Soda, and Bahama Splash. We recommend one to three drops of Flavored Concentrates per cup of water. This simple tip can transform your drink and make water more enjoyable.

Infuse Ice With Liquid Concentrates

Infuse your ice cubes with Liquid Concentrates and other enhancers like fruit or mint. Fill your tray with water and add one drop of Flavoring to each compartment. You can also add small pieces of fruit or herbs to your trays. As the cubes melt, the ice adds Flavor to your water, and the fruits or herbs improve the taste too. Not to mention, the creative ice cubes give your beverage a cool appearance!

Use Sweeteners and Liquid Concentrates

Flavoring your water with Sweeteners and Liquid Concentrates improves your beverage and encourages you to hydrate often. Our Monk-Fruit Sweeteners and Liquid Flavoring are the easiest ways to integrate this tip into your lifestyle. Monk-Fruit is a sweet yet zero-calorie juice that sweetens drinks, and our Concentrates add Flavor. Combine our Monk-Fruit Sweeteners with any of our Liquid Concentrates to create yummy combinations. For inspiration, here are some Flavor suggestions:

  • Apricot
  • Caribbean Coconut
  • Black Cherry
  • Gummy Fish Candy
  • Dragon Fruit

Add Fresh Fruit and Liquid Concentrates

What’s more refreshing than plain water? Well, we have the answer! You can make water taste better with liquid concentrates and fresh fruit. Citrus fruits have an acidic tang, and berries have antioxidants and offer a fragrant smell. Likewise, Liquid Concentrates are potent additives that boost the overall taste of drinks. When you combine these ingredients, you achieve a wonderful concoction. Whether you combine lemon slices and our Lemon Flavoring or berries and our Kiwi Strawberry Flavoring, you’ll make a wonderful drink.

The Liquid Concentrates from One on One Flavors are the perfect addition to your creations, from beverages to lip gloss. Browse our product categories today!

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