The Different Types of Lip Products You Should Try

The Different Types of Lip Products You Should Try
The Different Types of Lip Products You Should Try

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are inside some of your favorite lip products? Depending on the type of products you use, these glosses, balms, stains, and sticks use extensively different formulas.

While most people don't think twice about the types of formulas used in their lip products, these ingredients can significantly impact the health of your lips. 

Want to learn more about the different key components in lip products and their benefits? We're here to help you become an expert! In this blog, we're exploring the different types of lip products you should try to examine what's inside these formulas and how these products affect your lips.

Lip Balms and Glosses

Lip balm is one of the most standard, reliable, and universally used lip products. This lip product is loved by many, and for a good reason. Lip balm is not simply a cosmetic product; it's also an essential tool to keep your lip skin healthy.

Unfortunately, many people don't consider the health of their lips when creating skincare routines. As a result, dry, cracked, and damaged lip skin is common. 

Lip balm is a lightweight, simple, and revitalizing solution. Most lip balm formulas include a high SFP to protect your lips from sun damage, and these formulas also include hydrating ingredients that add nutrients to dry lip skin.

Some of the best beneficial ingredients found in lip balms and glosses include Versagel M500 and ME 750. Learn more about these potent ingredients below.

The Benefits of Versagel M500

Versagel M500 is a mineral oil and moisturizing gel that provides intense and rich nutrients to lip balms and glosses. You may also find this ingredient in other highly hydrating products such as:

  • Body lotions
  • Hair conditioners
  • Baby oil

According to Penreco, clinical studies focused on transepidermal water loss found that Versagel M500 successfully improved lips' moisture by 53 percent. So, if you suffer from chronically dry or cracked lips, Versagel M500 is a pivotal ingredient to look for when purchasing lip balms and glosses.

The Benefits of Versagel ME 750

Similar to Versagel M500, Versagel ME 750 is a gelled emollient that adds intense hydration to products without compromising chemical compatibility or color clarity. Versagel ME 750 has many similar properties to Versagel 500, except this ingredient has also been proven to be even more effective.

Penreco states that clinical studies tested the effectiveness of Versagel ME 750 by using an electrical dermal phase meter, which measures the moisture content from the left side to the right side of a Versagel-infused lip. This study found that lip moisture had improved by 61 percent. Moisture was not the only recorded benefit, though. Penreco also lists the following as improvements:

  • Lip plumpness increased by 45 percent
  • Lip lines decreased by 62 percent
  • Lip cracking decreased by 22 percent

These potent and effective products should be included in every lip balm and gloss you choose to purchase. However, if lip balms and glosses are not your go-to cosmetic product, consider reading about the lip stains and sticks instead.

Lip Sticks

The formulas for lipsticks are foundationally different compared to lip balms and glosses. While the primary purpose of lip balms and glosses is hydration, lipsticks are more aimed toward color vibrancy and long-lasting wear.

Since these products' formulas are geared towards color clarity, fewer lipsticks will have SPFs included in their formulas. The base of these lip products is also mixed with different textures and ingredients.

For example, most lipsticks formulas include a combination of waxes, oils, and color pigments. Depending on the brand, some lipsticks may also include gel emollients, such as Versagel 500 and ME 750, to make the consistency of products moister. Without gel emollients, lipsticks are more likely to dry your lips rather than keep them hydrated.

Lip Stick Tips and Tricks

Since the wax used in lipstick is not as viscous as lip balms or glosses, lipstick is more likely to require several reapplications to sustain these products' pigment.

We recommend searching for Versagel emollients on lipstick ingredient lists to find a product with a more durable and promising formula.

Lip Stains

Many people commonly use the terms lipstick and lip stain interchangeably. However, these two products have two very different formulas. Rather than utilizing wax with pigments, lip stains contain combinations of water and pigmented gels. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and hemp oil are also common additions to lip stain formulas.

Similar to lipsticks, lip stains aim to create long-lasting and vibrant color to lips. 

Avid lip stain users will attest that most lip stain colors last considerably longer than standard lipsticks, though. This long-lasting wear is attributed to the synthetic dyes or henna used in most lip stain formulas. While natural ingredients such as henna are safe to leave on the skin, wearing lip stains could damage your skin if you try to remove these pigments too harshly. 

Since the color of lip stains last longer than most lipstick products, a lack of reapplication can cause your lips to become drier as you wear this product. If you want to enjoy the bold colors of these stains but also want to preserve the health of your lips, we recommend pairing your lip stain with a clear gloss or balm to keep your skin hydrated without any loss of pigment.

Pro Tip: Steer Clear of Matte Formulas

A few years ago, matte lips were a massive trend for the cosmetic industry. Don't make the mistake of indulging in this unhealthy and outdated trend, though. Not only are matte lip stains incredibly drying to your lips, but these formulas also often crack and peel off pigment over time.

Finding the perfect lip product is not only about appearances. Considering the health of your lips also matters. We hope our guide on the different types of lip products you should try has broadened your knowledge of these products. Although scanning past the list of ingredients on your cosmetic products may not seem important, there are plenty of crucial components to look out for.

If you're searching for an intensely hydrating lip gloss, our Get Suckered website has a selection of balms that include Versagel 500 and Versagel ME 750 formulas. We also offer concentrated flavoring to add delicious scents and taste to your lip balm formulas, too. For more information about our products, explore our website.

The Different Types of Lip Products You Should Try
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