The Best Type of Frostings to Make

The Best Type of Frostings to Make
The Best Type of Frostings to Make

Although frostings may seem like a baking afterthought, different frostings can completely alter a dessert. Frostings affect the flavor, texture, consistency, and mouthfeel of every bite. Choosing the best frosting for your dessert may be intimidating, considering all these factors, but we’re here to help. Below, we delve into the best types of frosting to make for your desserts.

French Buttercream

Buttercream frosting is one of the best types of frostings to make if your dessert needs a thick, heavy, and creamy layer topping. Original buttercream is a mixture of butter, sugar, and occasional eggs. Some buttercream recipes use eggs to add a lighter consistency to a cream’s texture. If your dessert requires a more decadent version of this classic frosting, consider baking a French buttercream. French buttercream is a combination of boiled syrup and beaten egg yolks. Once you blend and whip these two ingredients to a foam consistency, add softened butter to increase the creamy texture of this frosting.

Glaze Frosting

Need a frosting that’s easy and fast to make but still intensely delicious? Glaze frostings are simple mixtures of powdered sugar and melted cream. Once dry, these frostings have a thin and crispy consistency that melts and dissolves in your mouth. They can contrast the gooey textures of desserts with their crackling sweetness. These frostings are perfect for any dessert in need of a sugary topping without added weight.

Whipped Cream Frosting

Who doesn’t love a light and fluffy frosting to top their favorite desserts? Whipped cream frostings excel at adding simple, lightweight flavors to both tangy and sweet baked goods. To make a whipped cream frosting, combine whipped cream, powdered sugar, and any desired flavoring. Including powdered sugar in your whipped cream frosting is essential to stabilize its consistency and help it hold its shape.

Flavor emulsions are an ideal additive to any whipped cream frosting. Bakery flavor emulsions offer simple water-based solutions that add intense flavors. Add vanilla bean, strawberry cream, or cookies and cream to your whipped cream frosting to add a twist of sweet and salivating flavors.

Cooked Frosting

If you prefer a classic frosting for your cake or cupcakes, cooked frosting is the optimal dessert topping for you. When baking cooked frosting, combine sugar, water, and corn syrup in a pan, and bring these ingredients to a boil. Next, slowly pour this mixture into a meringue cream and whip the two textures together until the syrup distributes evenly. Cooked frosting has a thinner consistency than thick buttercream frostings and focuses more on intense flavoring. This frosting is perfect for any sweet dessert that melts in your mouth.

Picking the best frosting for your dessert is no simple task. However, the options of delicious frostings to choose from are endless. Here at Get Suckered, we supply a wide range of emulsion flavors and recipes to help make your frosting baking process simple, exciting, and stress-free.

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