The Best Flavorings To Use in Lip Products

The Best Flavorings To Use in Lip Products
The Best Flavorings To Use in Lip Products

One of the most important parts of creating your own lip balm is picking the perfect flavor. Picking a bad flavor could really ruin the entire product. Don’t let this be the case! Instead of having your project turn out poorly, utilize some of the best flavorings to use in lip products. From the fruitiest flavors to the sweetest treats, nearly every flavor is available. No matter what your choice is, your lips are going to taste absolutely delicious and wonderful. Help your lips look good and taste great at the same time!


If this flavor doesn’t bring you back to your childhood, I am not sure what will. This yummy bubblegum sweetness is the perfect flavor for your lip product. It will rekindle childhood memories of trying to blow the biggest bubble. As soon as you put a bubblegum flavored lip product on, it will bring you right back to your youth. How sentimental!

Crème Brûlée

Being able to taste one of your favorite desserts on your lips without actually eating it is revolutionary. Picking this flavoring and adding it to the mixture for your lip creations will allow you to taste this delicious dessert and look spectacular at the same time.


If by some chance, you are looking to be transported to a beach, you have happened upon one of the best flavors for the job. Adding a tropical flavoring to your lip products will be the perfect addition to your lip balm! There is nothing better than looking good and having your lips taste like you sipping a tropical drink while relaxing on the beach.

French Vanilla

French vanilla is one of the best flavoring options there is! Adding a French vanilla flavor is a wonderful way to make your lips taste like your favorite tasty treat or your morning cup of coffee. This is also the perfect lip balm flavor if you are on a diet but still want the taste of delicious, sweet treats! How convenient is that?


This juicy flavor is a great option to use in lip products because it is a fan favorite! Not only does it taste just like watermelon, but it also smells just like fresh-cut watermelon in the summer. This true fruit flavor extract is the perfect option for creating a summer-themed lip balm. And if you are looking to rekindle the feelings of summer during the winter months, you can grab this lip balm flavor, and you will be transported back to those perfect summer days.

Strawberry Cheesecake

This syrupy strawberry flavoring is loved by many. It will be the perfect sweet addition to your favorite red lip gloss. Not only will it be bold, but it will be delicious! Who wouldn’t love having both? This might just be your favorite lip creation yet!


Coconut—people either love it or hate it. It always seems to be one end of the spectrum or the other with this flavor. Somebody would only pick a coconut flavoring for their lip gloss project if they truly love this flavor. This soft, tropical scent is the perfect blend of sweet and delicious for your products.

Blue Raspberry

Not only do people love blue raspberry candy and slushies, but they love blue raspberry lip products. Picking this flavor allows you to transform your lip balm or gloss, so it tastes just like your favorite blue slushie from the movie theater when you were a kid. What a delicious flashback!

Vanilla Cupcake

This is an absolute favorite! There is truly nothing better than having your lips taste like a tasty, sweet vanilla cupcake. So many people love using this flavor for their lip products because it not only tastes good, but it smells good too. It is truly a win-win situation!

Root Beer

One might never consider this is a flavor for lip gloss. They may ask themselves how you could make something taste like your favorite drink? But hey, if root beer is your favorite drink, this might be the greatest flavoring purchase you ever make. By adding this flavoring to your project, you will instantly transform your lips into a sweet beverage.


This citrus flavoring tastes almost as if you took a fresh orange and squeezed it directly into the lip balm mixture! This flavoring is so well-created that it tastes almost like the real thing. It is fresh, fruity, and fun! There is no doubt that this will be the best lip balm you ever put on your lips.


This beverage-themed flavor puts an adult twist on your favorite lip products! If you are a margarita lover, this flavoring option is the best choice for you. All you must do is drop a couple of drops into your lip balm creations, and voila! You have the perfect glossy lip balm for a night out on the town. Not only will you be drinking margaritas on your next night out, but your lips will taste like them as well.

After looking at some of the best flavorings to use in lip products, you can see why all the tasty options listed above would be perfect for your newest beauty project. Who knew that you could not only pick the color for your newest lip creations but the taste and scent as well? The best part is that there are so many more options to choose from in addition to the ones listed above.

At Get Suckered, you can pick your favorite flavoring from the ones described above or the many others we have available on our website. We have endless options available for your beauty creations! If you are looking for flavorings for other projects you have underway, we have those available as well— our delicious flavors are not limited to beauty products alone. You will not be disappointed with any of our products. We provide quality flavors that taste exactly like they are meant to. It really will make all the difference in your baked goods, food creations, or beauty projects!

The Best Flavorings To Use in Lip Products

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