Food and Beverage Flavor Trends To Be Aware Of

Food and Beverage Flavor Trends To Be Aware Of

Maintain your competitive edge in the food and drink industry by offering popular Flavors. You know as well as we do that knowing what your customers want will keep them happy and coming back for more. Therefore, check out this post on the food and beverage Flavor trends to be aware of.

Nostalgic Flavors

In 2023, nostalgia is popular across all industries, including food and beverage. As some companies relaunch discontinued product flavors, other companies put nostalgic Flavors in new items. Consider this phenomenon as “new-stalgic” with things like cereal-flavored protein powder or candy-flavored cocktails. The idea is to entice millennials and Gen Z with familiar yet unique culinary experiences.

Coffee-Flavored Beverages

Coffee-flavored beverages are another Flavor trend to be aware of. Espresso tonics in particular is an emerging drink that people love! You create a coffee-flavored soda when you mix espresso with tonic water and simple syrup.

The treat is perfect for hot days or when you want to elevate your morning beverage. Use our Multipurpose Flavor Drops to enhance the base if you’re interested in a sugar-free yet tasty tonic.

Other popular coffee trends include nitro brews, coffee-infused kombucha, and snap-chilled coffee.

Floral and Botanicals

Botanicals are becoming a bigger part of the beverage industry as people incorporate mint, ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, and basil in their drinks. Regarding floral trends, edible flowers are popular salad toppers and drink garnishes. However, you can also infuse dishes or candies with edible flowers.

Tropical Flavors

The demand for unique Flavor experiences also comes from a desire to escape the day-to-day. Food and beverages offer an opportunity for “appetizing escapism,” whether you’re escaping financial woes, job troubles, or stressful lifestyles. Fortunately, Tropical Flavors supports the desire for mini escapes. Tropical Fruit Flavors are popular in 2023 because they have fresh and sweet profiles. Expect a demand for Dragon fruit, guava, lychee, pomegranate, watermelon, or mango. These popular Flavors are in juices, mixed drinks, and candy.

International Inspiration

Consumers crave tastes and textures from around the world. Therefore, international inspiration is in demand. People are willing to push the envelope and try new Flavors to expand their palates. You’ll likely see extensions of Mexican and Asian-inspired cuisine in restaurants. After all, authentic Flavors and ingredients showcase regional diversity.

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