Surprising Health Benefits of Candy

Surprising Health Benefits of Candy
Surprising Health Benefits of Candy

Do you love candy? Well, we’re here to give you yet another reason to love it even more. Candy can improve your health! Don’t believe us? Here are a few surprising health benefits of candy that come with eating it (in moderation).

Chocolate Can Help Your Heart

Have you ever heard a glass of wine is good for your heart? Well, so is some chocolate! Red wine has phenol, an antioxidant, that improves and promotes heart health, while some chocolate can help your heart and even decrease your blood pressure. Although not all chocolates are made equal: dark chocolate is better for your health than milk chocolate. If you want to help your heart, help yourself to some dark chocolate—within moderation of course!

Gum Is Good

Gum is a game changer. Chewing it can lighten your mood, but it reduces stress and pain, increases your focus, and boosts serotonin levels. If you’re ever looking for something sweet but don’t want the calories or sugar intake of other candy, gum is the answer! Always keep a pack on you so you can just pop a piece in your mouth whenever you have a craving.

Better Your Life

It seems crazy to think this is the case, but many believe individuals who consume candy live a better and longer life than those who don’t. We’re not saying that eating a large abundance of candy at unhealthy levels will make your life better, but some candy here and there might just be good for the soul!

Remember, these surprising health benefits of candy also mean eating it in moderation. Eating a large abundance of anything can be harmful to one’s health. All we’re reminding you is that a little candy never hurt anybody!

If you’re looking for ways to keep your candy intake moderate, there are other ways to still enjoy the deliciousness of candy. Here at Get Suckered, we have numerous candy flavorings you can add to beverages and food recipes that taste identical to different types of candy. Visit our website today to see all the options!

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