Reasons Why Drinks in Glass Bottles Taste Better

Reasons Why Drinks in Glass Bottles Taste Better
Reasons Why Drinks in Glass Bottles Taste Better

Have you ever taken a sip from a plastic bottle and tasted a metallic or plastic flavor in your beverage? This unpleasant layer of synthetic flavors can completely alter the taste of your favorite drinks. As a result, more and more manufacturers have opted for glass bottles instead of plastics.

To learn more about the key reasons why drinks in glass bottles taste better than those in plastic bottles, continue reading our blog below.

Less Leeching

The most prominent reason why drinks in glass bottles taste better  is that glass bottles do not leech chemicals. Plastic bottles contain specific substances known as BPA chemicals that can leech into beverages when bottles sit for extended periods.

If you refill a plastic bottle multiple times, leeching can become even more prominent.

Not only is leeching BPA chemicals harmful to your health, but it also significantly affects the quality of your beverages. Consumers often notice leeching in their drinks when they taste a plastic or metallic flavor infused in their beverages.

More Environmental Protection

Unfortunately, harsh temperature changes can quickly alter the quality and taste of beverages in plastic bottles as well. Since plastic is more malleable, extreme heat or cold conditions could cause the porous fibers of plastic bottles to leech a higher amount of chemicals into drinks.

In fact, when you leave plastic bottles in the sun, it’s best not to drink these beverages at all.

Glass bottles are non-porous, which means they won’t compromise your drink’s quality and safety, regardless of the weather. The non-porous materials of glass bottles make leeching impossible, even in extreme climates, so you can enjoy your beverages without worry.

Peace of Mind Tastes Sweeter

When you can drink your beverages with the peace of mind that you’re living a sustainable lifestyle, your drinks will taste even sweeter.

While drinking out of plastic bottles can be convenient, the guilty aftertaste of knowing your purchase will negatively affect the environment is not worth it. We recommend opting for glass bottles for all your beverages to eliminate the guilt of using plastics.  

Plastic bottles can significantly affect the taste, quality, and safety of your beverages. Consider switching to glass bottles for a safer and more sustainable solution.

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