The Top Candy Flavor Combinations to Use

The Top Candy Flavor Combinations to Use
The Top Candy Flavor Combinations to Use
Running a candy shop can feel like a dream. Having your own candy shop is a great investment in both your financial future and your lifetime happiness. Everyone aspires to have a career they are passionate about and have fun with, and most candy shop owners feel this way about their jobs. Being your own boss is a wonderful responsibility. You get to decide what hours you work, where your work, how the shop operates, and—the most fun part—what kinds of candy you offer.
There are innumerable types of candy that can successfully blend together different flavors for a delicious result. Candy makers everywhere are always on the hunt for the next flavor trend, and connoisseurs are always excited to try new flavors and flavor combinations. Combinations are extremely popular and can draw in brand-new markets and thrill existing customers. Check out this guide to the top candy flavor combinations to use. There are many ways to incorporate flavor combinations into your candy shop. You can promote seasonal flavors, signature flavors, and more.

Sour and lemon

Sour candy flavoring and lemon make a great pair. The citrus and fresh taste of lemon is complemented and accentuated by sour candy flavoring. Lemon has a natural sourness to it, and the sour’s “bite” is something people expect when eating anything lemon-flavored. Adding a bit of extra sour kick to your lemon-flavored candy intensifies the taste and pairs well with the sweetener. Lemons are naturally sour because of their higher concentration of citric acid. Other citrus fruits such as oranges tend to have a sweeter taste, leading people to expect sweet with sweet parings. With a fruit like the lemon, however, they will expect and relish a nice sour kick to the candy.

Strawberry and banana

Strawberry and banana are a timeless combination that seem to bring out the best in each other. While the flavor of each element is vastly different, they tend to be one of the most popular combinations in the candy industry. The slight tartness yet subtle sweetness of the strawberry blends perfectly with the creamy, vanilla-y flavor profile of the banana. Something about this combination makes people happy. Both flavors have sweet tones that aren’t overwhelming—perfect for the sweet and not-so-sweet tooth. This combination is a great investment because of its reliable popularity and appeal.

Chocolate and peppermint

A wintertime classic combination, chocolate and peppermint is a winning candy flavoring combination. The sweet delectability of the chocolate is complemented by the refreshing taste of peppermint. Chocolate has a smooth and comforting mouthfeel that appeals to just about everyone; moreover, it’s a sweet tooth’s dream. Peppermint provides a strong and aromatic flavor that plays off the creamy taste of chocolate. This combination of candy flavorings is sure to thrill your loyal customers.

Peanut butter and caramel

Peanut butter and caramel is another well-loved classic flavor combination for candy. The creamy and salty taste of the peanut butter is set off by the addition of buttery-sweet caramel. Both flavors tend to boast rich, velvety, and gooey textures that melt in your mouth. This combo appeals to the lovers of sweet and smooth candies. Often peanut butter loves and caramel lovers are the same people because of the similarities in texture and flavor the two flavors share.

Grape and chocolate

A unique combination, the sweetness of grapes and the hearty flavor of chocolate pair together better than you may think. Chocolate lovers are down to try just about any chocolatey combination, and flavor daredevils will love the opportunity to try this rare combo. Grapes are sweet and juicy which add an impactful flavor to the chocolate. This flavor combination is perfect for the adventurous sweet tooth, the avid oenophile, and even the grape connoisseur.

Maple and pecan

The combination of maple and pecan is a flavor pairing that has been a perennial American favorite. The sweet flavors in the maple combined with the nutty flavor of pecans makes a distinct pecan pie–type flavor. This is one of the staples of the American dessert table for a reason. Pecan pie is a popular and beloved flavor that many candy makers aspire to capture in their treats. The right mixture of maple and pecan candy flavorings can make this coveted combo pop for your candy shop’s offerings.

Apple and cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon are another traditional yet awesome combination of flavors that just go together. Apples are sweet with a minimal undertone of tartness. The flavor of a ripe, juicy, and delicious apple blends perfectly with the slight spice of cinnamon. This flavor combo tends to skyrocket in popularity at the beginning of the fall season, yet remains a popular choice year round. This combo appeals to fruit lovers and cinnamon fans alike. Try adding these two flavors to your next batch of sweet treats and see how quickly they fly off the shelves.

Orange and watermelon

For fruity flavor lovers, the orange and watermelon combo is an unexpected delight. Oranges’ sweet, citrusy taste and watermelon’s subtle flavor and delicate sweetness are ideal to mix. The mild watermelon flavor will offset the overpowering orange flavor just the right amount. When making your orange and watermelon candies, be sure to try out different ratios depending on how much watermelon flavor you want to shine through the orange overtones. This unique pairing is sure to wow your loyal customers.

Pomegranate and kiwi

Another fruit-loving favorite, the pomegranate and kiwi combination is sure to amaze. The tart, refreshing tones in the pomegranate are perfect to complement the smooth sweetness of the kiwi. Both fruits on their own are refreshing and taste mildly sweet with minimal hints of acidity in them. Their similarities pair well together because it allows for room to taste the true flavor of each fruit.
All of these great candy flavor combinations are sure to appeal to your candy customers and make your shop stand out from the crowd. Try them out today, and have fun experimenting with our vast selection of candy flavorings.

The Top Candy Flavor Combinations to Use

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