6 Ways To Enhance the Flavor of Hard Seltzers

6 Ways To Enhance the Flavor of Hard Seltzers

It’s no secret that some hard seltzers have one-dimensional flavors. Fortunately, there are several ways to add some excitement to your favorite bubbly beverage with just a few simple ingredients. Check out these six ways to enhance the flavor of hard seltzers for ideas.

Muddled Herbs

Adding herbs to your hard seltzer can take your drink to the next level. Try muddling mint or basil in the bottom of your glass before adding seltzer for a refreshing taste. You can also try adding rosemary or thyme for an earthier flavor. Whether you’re trying to improve bar offerings or make your personal cocktail better, this simple trick will make you feel like a mixologist!


If you’re looking for a spicier kick, try adding spices to your hard seltzer. Cinnamon and nutmeg work great in fall-inspired drinks, while cayenne or chili powder can give a spicy kick to summer cocktails. Experiment with different spices to determine what combination complements your hard seltzer.

Flavor Concentrates

Whether you want a fruity and sweet beverage or something a little more unique, there’s a Flavor Concentrate for everyone. The highly concentrated liquid adds intense flavor to seltzers with just a few drops! You can use Liqueur Flavorings to increase the flavor profile of hard seltzers.

Fresh Fruit

Adding fresh fruit is one of the easiest ways to dress up a hard seltzer. Berries, citrus fruits, and melons are all fantastic additions. Add a slice or two of your chosen fruit to the glass (or muddle it at the bottom) before adding seltzer. Fruit adds flavor and makes your drink look more appetizing.

Juices or Purees

Another way to enhance the flavor of hard seltzers is by adding a splash of fruit juice or puree. Pineapple or mango puree can transform a crisp and refreshing seltzer into a tropical oasis drink. If you want a more traditional taste, you can always add a splash of orange or cranberry juice.

Infused Ice Cubes

Ice cubes with fruit, herbs, and spices can elevate hard seltzers. You can freeze mint leaves, berries, or cucumber slices in ice cubes and add them to your seltzer for a refreshing twist. You’ll simultaneously add flavor and chill the beverage. Try different ice combinations with your favorite ingredients!

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