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Re-Seller Locations and Information partners with a variety of organizations that are interested in our products.  We have a resell program that allows our partners to take on our flavors in large quantities and redistribute them to their customer or current customer data base.  

For many of our clients that are based in different parts of the World, it's imperative that we line up these relationships with our partners to help satisfy the needs of all customers using  

Below you'll find a list of current Resellers and their locations.  If you're ever in a pinch and need your flavors the next day, and the reseller is local to you, you do have the opportunity to purchase the flavors directly from them.  We can always process your order here as well.  If you find that they're out of stock of a product as we carry about 98% of our flavors in inventory, we would most likely ship it out the same day if not the next.  If interested in reselling our flavors, please visit our Wholesale Page for more information.  

We thank you for visiting our site and thank you for your continued business. 



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