Quality Control

Quality Is Our Business

We have an obligation to satisfy our customers with the outstanding quality of our products and services. For the purposes of optimization and quality assurance we are continuously integrating the most advanced and highest quality technologies and production methods into our work processes.

Our Flavors 

We understand how important the selection of flavors is and how it is our customers number one priority.  One on One Flavors is at the forefront of providing better flavor options for consumers. One on One Flavors products go through a certification process that requires strict examination of the ingredients, processing techniques, and even facilities that process these flavors. Such stringent regulations greatly reduce the opportunity for harmful ingredients that endanger the quality of your equipment and the health of our consumer. 

Your Product 

The product that you get today, is the same product that you will get the next day.  When you do find yourself ordering from us on weekly monthly or semi monthly basis, there will not be a question of "Am I getting the same product".  We work closely with our manufacturer to maintain a consistent product making sure we keep it that way.  

Your Proprietary Information 

When it comes to co-packing our Customers Products, by law we are obligated to keep the information confidential.  We do this by sending over a mutual non-disclosure that would give you the opportunity to run your products here with us.  Our QA/QC processes will give you the opportunity to see batch records, packaging records, which would show finished product specs; along with scrap rates and finished products for delivery.  Visit our Co-Packing Section to obtain more information.  

Our Commitment 

Back to the three important C's that we live by...Our Commitment, Consistency, and Concentration.  It is the concentration of our flavors that keeps our customers coming back.  Unlike most Suppliers, we provide a flavor that will require as little as 5% to your mixes.  Our Commitment to you is that we will never change this.  Finally, our product will remain consistent.  We will make the commitment to keeping everything the same.  We have been working with our manufacturer for over 8 years and feel that our business relationship along with personal will help achieve these goals.  You are truly in good hands.