International Customers

Thank you so much for visiting our site today!  We look forward to many more visits.  

We often get asked if whether or not we ship Internationally.  We're not too sure why but have figured that not many of our competitors have taken the opportunities to serve abroad.  We have been doing it now for quite a number of years.  

To prove it, we've locked in some absolutely ridiculously low shipping rates with our partner UPS.  Mostly every order that selects the UPS option and if over $100, could ship for only $10! That's it.  We were originally going to run it as a promotion but have realized that a lot our customers who are now in the UK, Canada, South America and Spain (and more Countries), are getting to like this option.  We're happy it's working out! 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are your Flavors Concentrated Flavors or Diluted with Water? 

Our flavors are Concentrated Flavors that are used for All Purposes.  Beverages, Candy, Baking, etc.   All you would need to use is a drop of flavoring for your application.  

Are your Flavors Water Soluble? 

Yes.  All of our Flavors in our All Purpose Section of the Site are Water Soluble.  If you would like to order Essential Type Oils, those may not be as Soluble to those in our All Purpose Section of the Site.  

Do any of your Flavors have Additives such as Sweeteners or Preservatives? 

No, our Flavors do not have any additives such as Sweeteners or require Preservatives.  Even more-so, our Flavors are Peanut Free, Gluten Free, and Caffeine Free. 

Are your flavors Clear in Color? 

For the most part, they are.  However some may change in color over time due to the Environment that you keep them in.  Most of the flavors have a very pretty note to them, some being pinkish and some of the Natural and Artificial Flavors coming close to the name of the Flavor ordered.  Take Orange Navel, usually an Orange Color, but may turn into a Redish Orange over time.  Nothing that will affect the Flavor.  

Where are your Flavors Manufactured? 

Flavors are Manufactured at our Facility in Corona.  We are a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility and use only the highest quality ingredients for our Flavors. 

What are the Lead Times for orders going International? 

We ship out the same day if not the next, all of the time!  We take pride in our Inventory and hold most if not all of our Inventory on Hand.  With over 400 Flavors, it's a tuff task to keep but you certainly shouldn't run into any problem when ordering.  If in a pinch, please allow yourself ample time just in case of any setbacks on our end.  You can always call before placing the order too! If you use our Flat Rate shipping, we'll ship it out by UPS and it should take about 3-5 business days from there.  

We are a Distributor and Interested in Selling your Flavors.  Are you looking for Distributors? 

Yes.  We're always interested in getting our Flavors out to more distributors.  Please visit our Wholesale Page for more information.