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Get Suckered (PG) Flavor List

Get Suckered Flavors | a Company

With over 500 flavors to choose from, Get Suckered takes pride in offering the most diverse selection of top quality flavor concentrates! Our flavor concentrates are highly concentrated and may be used for multiple purposes! Get Suckered Flavors are proudly made with the finest ingredients & manufactured here in the USA.

  • Recommended percentage of use is 7-12%
  • Contains: Non Flavor Ingredient (NFI): Propylene Glycol (PG) Ð a solvent for food colorings, flavors and is soluble in water, Contains Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl.
  • Does NOT contain any other solvent, Glycerin, Ethanol, Diacetyl or Lactic Acid.
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Food Coloring
  • Sugar Free & Gluten Free
  • Contains No Vegetable Oils
  • Certified Kosher in manufacturing
  • NOT appropriate for use in chocolates or coatings.
  • Best if used at or below 280 degrees
  • This flavor is appropriate for hard candy, truffles, candy centers, fondant, frosting, ganache, fudge, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, sweet breads, etc.

The concentrate goes a long way but keep in mind that the flavor is dependent on your taste and liking.

Suggested Usage Table:

  • 1 cup= 1-3 drops
  • 4 cups= 5-8 drops
  • 8 cups=10-15 drops
  • 20 drops=1mil
  • 5 drops= quarter mil

Important Information: Diacetyl Free!

For more information, please visit our SDS section for a list of product with Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets.

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Hyperlinks for each flavor coming soon!  Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Acai Berry Flavoring (PG)

Almond Flavoring (PG)

Amaretto Flavoring (PG)

Ambrosia Flavoring (PG)

Angel Food Cake Flavoring (PG)

Anise Flavoring (PG)

Apple Adventure Flavoring (PG)

Apple (Green) Flavoring (PG)

Apple Martini Flavoring - (PG)

Apple Pie Flavoring (PG)

Apple (Red Delicious) Flavoring (PG)

Brown Sugar Flavoring (PG)

Bacon Flavoring - (PG)

Bahama Splash Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Banana Creme Flavoring (PG)

Banana Daiquiri Flavoring (PG)

Banana Martini Flavoring (PG)

Banana Nut Pudding Flavoring (PG)

Banana Split Flavoring (PG)

Barbeque Flavoring (PG)

Bavarian Cream Flavoring (PG)

Beer Flavoring (PG)

Belgian Waffle Flavoring (PG)

Bergamot Flavoring (PG)

Berry Burst Flavoring (PG)

Black Cherry Flavoring (PG)

Blackberry Flavoring (PG)

Blue Raspberry Flavoring - (PG)

Blueberry Cheesecake Flavoring (PG)

Blueberry Flavoring - (PG)

Blueberry Martini Flavoring (PG)

Boysenberry Flavoring (PG)

Brandy Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Brownie Flavoring (PG)

Bubble Gum Flavoring - (PG)

Bumbleberry Flavoring (PG)

Burnt Sugar Flavoring (PG)

Butter Flavoring (PG)

Butter Pecan Flavoring (PG)

Butter Rum Flavoring (PG)

Buttermint Flavoring (PG)

Butterscotch Flavoring (PG)

Cabernet Wine Flavoring (PG)

Cafe' Mocha Flavoring (PG)

Cake Batter/ Birthday Cake Flavoring - (PG)

Candy Apple Flavoring - (PG)

Candy Corn Flavoring - (PG)

Cannoli Flavoring (PG)

Cannoli Flavoring (PG) Stronger Formula

Cantaloupe Flavoring (PG)

Caramel Apple Flavoring- (PG)

Caramel Flavoring - (PG)

Caramel Mocha Flavoring (PG)

Caribbean Delight Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Carrot Cake Flavoring - (PG)

Carrot Cake Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Chamomile Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Champ Agne Bubbly Flavoring (PG)

Cheesecake Flavoring (PG)

Cherry Berry Blitz Flavoring - (PG)

Cherry Fudge Ripple Flavoring (PG)

Cherry Limeade Flavoring - (PG)

Chocolate Banana Martini Flavoring (PG)

Chocolate Chip Flavoring (PG)

Chocolate Flavoring (PG)

Chocolate Fudge Brownie (PG)

Chocolate Mint Flavoring (PG)

Chocolate Raspberry Flavoring (PG)

Chokecherry Flavoring (PG)

Cinnabun Flavoring (PG)

Clove Flavoring (PG)

CoCo-Taro Flavoring (PG)

Coconut Flavoring (PG)

Cola Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Condensed Milk Flavor (PG)

Cookie Dough Flavoring (PG)

Cookies & Creme Flavoring (PG)

Cosmopolitan Flavoring (PG)

Cotton Candy Flavoring (PG)

Cranberry Flavoring (PG)

Creme Brulee Flavoring (PG)

Creme de Menthe Flavoring (PG)

Creme Soda Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Crispy Rice Flavoring (PG)

Cucumber Melon Flavoring (PG)

Custard Flavoring (PG)

Dr. Pibbster Flavoring - (PG)

Dragonfruit Flavoring (PG)

Dulce de Leche Flavoring (PG)

Egg Nog Flavoring - (PG)

Espresso Flavoring (PG)

Fig Flavoring (PG)

Flan Flavoring - (PG)

Fresh Strawberry Flavoring (PG)

Frooty Hoops Cereal Flavoring (PG)

Fruit Punch Flavoring (PG)

Fuji Apple Flavoring (PG)

Fuzzy Berry Flavoring - (PG)

Fuzzy Navel Flavoring (PG)

German Chocolate Cake Flavoring (PG)

Gin Flavoring - (PG)

Ginger Ale Flavoring - (PG)

Grand Marnier Flavoring - (PG)

Grape Flavoring (PG)

Grapefruit Flavoring (PG)

Green Tea Freeze Flavoring (PG)

Guava Flavoring (PG)

Honey Flavoring (PG)

Honeydew Melon Flavoring (PG)

Honeysuckle Flavoring (PG)

Horchata Flavoring Oil

Horchata Flavoring (PG)

Horehound Flavoring (PG)

Hot Chili Pepper Flavoring - (PG)

Huckleberry Flavoring (PG)

Irish Creme Flavoring (PG)

Jamaican Rum Flavoring (PG)

Jasmine Flavoring (PG)

Juicy Pear Flavoring (PG)

Juniperberry Flavoring (PG)

Kal-offee (Coffee) Flavoring (PG)

Kiwi Fruit Flavoring (PG)

Kiwi Strawberry Flavoring (PG)

Lavender Flavoring - (PG)

Lemon Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Lingonberry Flavoring (PG)

Lychee Nut Flavoring (PG)

Macadamia Nut Flavoring (PG)

Mai Tai Flavoring (PG)

Malted Milk Flavoring (PG)

Mango Flavoring (PG)

Mango Martini Flavoring (PG)

Maple Flavoring (PG)

Margarita Flavoring (PG)

Marshmallow Flavoring (PG)

Melon Margarita Flavoring (PG)

Menthol Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Mexican Cocoa Flavoring (PG)

Mint - Fresh Mint Flavoring (PG)

Mojito Flavoring (PG)

Mountain Soda Flavoring (PG)

Mulberry Flavoring (PG)

Neapolitan Ice Cream Taffy Flavoring (PG)

Oatmeal Flavoring (PG)

Olallieberry Flavoring (PG)

Orange Creamsicle Flavoring (PG)

Orange Martini Flavoring (PG)

Orange Pineapple Flavoring (PG)

Orange Sherbet Flavoring (PG)

Papaya Flavoring (PG)

Passion Fruit Flavoring (PG)

Peaches & Cream Flavoring (PG)

Peanut Brittle Flavoring (PG)

Peanut Butter Flavoring (PG)

Peppermint Blend Flavoring (PG)

Pickle (Natural) Flavoring (PG)

Pina Colada Flavoring (PG)

Pina Colada Flavoring (PG)

Pink Lemonade Flavoring (PG)

Plum Flavoring (PG)

Pomegranate Flavoring (PG)

Pralines & Cream Flavoring (PG)

Prickly Pear Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Pumpkin Flavoring (PG)

Pumpkin Flavoring (PG)

Raspberry Mist Flavoring (PG)

Red Drink Flavoring (PG)

Red Grape Flavoring (PG)

Red Hot Cinnamon Flavoring (PG)

Red Licorice Flavoring - (PG/Alcohol)

Red Velvet Flavoring (PG)

Rocky Road Flavoring (PG)

Root Beer Float Flavoring (PG)

Rum Flavoring (PG)

Sage Flavoring (PG)

Sangria Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Sherry Flavoring (PG)

S'Mores Flavoring (PG)

Snickerdoodle Flavoring (PG)

Sour Apple Flavoring (PG)

Sour Cherry Flavoring - (PG)

Sour Fruity Kittles Flavoring (PG)

Sour Grape Flavoring - (PG)

Sour Green Apple - (PG)

Sour Lime Flavoring (PG/Alcohol)

Sour Mango Flavoring (PG)

Sour Raspberry Flavoring (PG)

Sour Strawberry Flavoring (PG)

Sour Watermelon Flavoring (PG)

Spearmint Flavoring (PG)

Spiced Apple Cider Flavoring (PG)

Starfruit Flavoring (PG)

Strawberry Cream Flavoring (PG)

Strawberry Spunk Flavoring (PG)

Sugar Cookie Flavoring (PG)

Sweet Cream Flavoring (PG)

Taro Flavoring (PG)

Teaberry Flavoring (PG)

Tequila Flavoring (PG)

Tigers Blood Flavoring - (PG)

Toasted Marshmallow Flavoring (PG)

Tropical Splash Flavoring (PG)

Tutti Frutti Flavoring (PG)

Vanilla Caramel Mocha Flavoring (PG)

Vanilla (Clear) Flavoring (PG)

Vanilla Cola Flavoring (PG)

Vanilla (French) Flavoring (PG)

Vanilla Mocha Chocolate Flavoring (PG)

Very Berry Flavoring (PG)

Vodka Flavoring (PG)

Watermelon Flavoring (PG)

Watermelon Wow Flavoring (PG)

Whiskey Flavoring (PG)

White Chocolate Flavoring (PG)

White Chocolate Macadamia Flavoring (PG)

White Chocolate Mocha Flavoring (PG)

Wild Cherry Flavoring (PG)

Wine- Chardonnay Flavoring (PG)

Wintergreen Flavoring (PG)