Flavors Just Got Better

Not every flavor is identical.  In fact, no two flavors are.  Whether your purchase them directly from us and compare them to another company, our flavors are in fact different than what you are used to using.  Case in point, chances are that the Apple Flavor you normally use may be be a way different tasting apple than ours.  The same goes for concentration.  Purchase our flavors and you will see that most of our flavors require less than the competition.  This is a fact.  Check out our See What They Are Saying Page and you'll get a good idea as to what percentages to use. 

Not every flavor meets the strict acceptance standards of OSHA and not every flavor is readily available for use.  Our flavors are Kosher Parve supervised and meet OSHA Standards.  There are many companies that are offering flavors, but unlike us, not all have these strict requirements.  Each one of our flavors goes through a meticulous process of inspection before being approved and certified for enjoyment by the customer. 

Purchasing our Flavors will be a healthy lifestyle choice for intelligent and health conscious customers; customers that prefer not to sacrifice quality and taste. Providing such a product is the unabated goal of One on One Flavors. 

Why Is One on One Flavors The Better Selection

We understand how important the selection of flavors is and how it is our customers number one priority.  One on One Flavors is at the forefront of providing better flavor options for consumers. One on One Flavors products go through a certification process that requires strict examination of the ingredients, processing techniques, and even facilities that process these flavors. Such stringent regulations greatly reduce the opportunity for harmful ingredients that endanger the quality of your equipment and the health of our consumer. 

The Three C's

Our Concentration, Commitment and Consistency.  It is because of our concentration that brings our customers back.  Unlike most Suppliers, we provide a flavor that will require as little as 5% to your mixes.  Our Commitment to you is that we will never change this.  Finally, we strive to keep our product as consistent as we can.  We will make the commitment to keeping everything the same while in our control. Flavors may be subject to changes such as color or smell but these can be due to available ingredients during the manufacturing process. Some flavors will be reformulated to meet GRAS requirements.  We have been working with our manufacturer for over 8 years and feel that our business relationship along with personal will help achieve these goals.  You are in good hands.  

We thank you for your time and thank you in advance for your orders!