One-on-One Flavors has recently teamed up with a Co-Packer of Lotions, Soaps and even Beverage Products. Located in Las Vegas, NV and in our 6000 sq ft manufacturing facility, we will assist you to create your products to the specification asked for.  We'll ensure that you will have a product from start to finish that your customers will keep coming back to.  Our fully automated production lines have the ability to Label, Shrink, and Bottle  your products.  

We have multiple pricing options. We fill as little as 100 bottles but keep in mind that the pricing is a little higher if you're only running that many.  For some customers we've produced what we call a "Turn Key" solution where we offer everything from the Bottle to the Label. 

We specialize in:

      Good Manufacturing Practices
      Clean Room Filling Environment 
      Expertise in Co-Packing Products





    All orders are usually fulfilled and taken care of in a matter of days.  We could store your products after production but keep in mind that there is a cost to doing that so once completed, please have your products picked up right away.  Generally there's about a 48 hour time frame to pick up after the order is complete.  

    We also offer labeling options.  Send us your artwork and we will label your bottles with your own design.

    We will package your bottles in shipper boxes to go to your destination.  For example, if you have a Point of Sale display and each box is about 24 bottles, we can package each box to that specification.   Each customer is given a Production Agreement prior to running their products along with a Non Disclosure Agreement that protects their recipes.     

    Email us at for more information on pricing and regarding our copacking options. 

    We have the experience to run your products.  Check out our backgrounds and you will see we're more than capable to help you take your products to the next level. 

    Call or Email for Pricing:

    Thanks in advance for running your products with us! 

    NV Co-Packing Website