Collection: Get Suckered Savory Flavors

Who doesn’t love savory goods? The Flavors found in savory foods leave us wanting more, and now you can enhance those Flavors. Our collection of Herb, Nut, and Spice Flavor Concentrates will improve the taste of your meals, snacks, and baked goods. Just a few drops of our concentrates can transform a dish. Our Herb, Nut, and Spice Flavor Concentrates are made in the US with top-quality ingredients. All of our concentrates are gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, certified kosher, and approved by the FDA. Whether you want our Almond, Cajun Spice, Juniper Berry, Cheddar, Hot Chili Pepper, Rosemary, Pumpkin Spice, or one of our other Flavors, any of these will take your meal to the next level.