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Flavor concentrates are highly concentrated Flavoring additives for various applications such as food, beverages, and e-liquids. They are made by taking natural or synthetic Flavors and concentrating them to create a more potent and intense flavor profile. Our top-quality products offer something for every recipe or need, including Alcohol, Bread, and Candy Flavoring. Our Liquid Flavor Concentrates enhance recipes without sugars, calories, or carbs. Create specialty items with unique Flavor combinations and enjoy one-of-a-kind tastes.

Whether you’re itching to whip up culinary creations to mouth-watering treats, our Flavor Concentrates are versatile products you need in professional bakeries, Ice Cream shops, and specialty stores. But that’s not all; our products are perfect for lip balms, scrubs, and glosses too. Make irresistible products with our bottles of fantastic Flavoring.

With Flavor Concentrates, a few drops go a long way, and you can achieve specific tastes within seconds! We offer oil- and PG-based Flavoring to upgrade your batters, beverages, and other recipes. Explore our products to find your perfect Concentrate.

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