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Blowout Flavor Sale

Blowout Flavor Sale!!!

Let's just say these haven't been performing as well as what we need them to in order to keep them in our line up of flavors.  

They're good, but they're not the super popular ones.  Take advantage of the savings and order some of these concentrates today.   We do plan on coming out with a few more flavors geared towards each one of these flavors.  Take for instance the Bubble Gum. We have 2 Types of Bubble Gums that will be here in a couple of weeks that will "Blow" the competition by storm.  This is the reason why we're Blowing out this flavor.  Try it out, it's inexpensive and could be used for a lot of things.  

Thanks for your orders in advance and please call us or email us if you have any questions. 

Customer Service:  (951) 471-2100 



Shelly Rae 


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