What Really Makes Sour Candy Sour

What Really Makes Sour Candy Sour
What Really Makes Sour Candy Sour

When you put a piece of sour candy in your mouth, you love it and hate it. That mouth-puckering sour flavor is unlike any other. Sour candy is a very popular option among all the varieties of candy. However, have you ever really thought about what really makes sour candy sour? For more information about sour candy and why it tastes the way it does, continues reading below.

What Causes the Sour Flavor?

Almost all sour candies incorporate one or two more types of acids. Each of the different acids provides a different level of sourness to the candy when you include it in the recipe. When you mix just the right amount of each of these acids, you make the perfect sour flavor. And the reason our taste buds react to sour candy the way that they do? The pH levels in the acids are high. The higher the pH level, the more sour the candy.

A Deeper Look into Acids

Five of the most common acids used in sour candy include citric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, and tartaric acid. Citric acid is one of the most common ingredients in sour candy, providing the perfect pop of tartness. Malic acid takes things to the next level, being the acid responsible for extreme sour flavor. Fumaric acid changes the game by allowing the strong sour taste to be long-lasting, due to its low dissolvability. And last but certainly not least, tartaric acid brings a tart, astringent sour flavoring to the mix.

Flavoring Extracts and Concentrates

Another easy way to add sour flavoring to candy is to use flavor extracts and concentrates that already have the acids and ingredients mixed and ready to go. All you must do is pick what sour flavor you’re going for and put a few drops into your recipe. This is an easy way to get your candy to just the right sourness while allowing you to have that mouth-puckering experience. It’s that simple! If you’re trying to make a delicious batch of sour hard candies, all you would need to do is buy some hard candy flavoring to add to the recipe.

And luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place to do just that! Here at Get Suckered, we have an array of different sour flavor extracts and concentrates that would be perfect for your sour candy-making experience. After you look at the details above and thoroughly understand what really makes sour candy sour, purchasing these sour flavor extracts and concentrates is the easy and tasty way to go. Purchase today, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the mouth-puckering goodness of your sour candy!

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