The History of Candy and Where It Originated

The History of Candy and Where It Originated
The History of Candy and Where It Originated

Today, candy is a wonderful and sweet treat enjoyed by many. It is crazy to think of all the different forms of candy that have been created over the years. For insight on the history of candy and where it originated, continue reading the material below! This article has everything you could possibly need to know and more about the journey of your favorite sweet treats.

How It Started

Even before the manufacturing of sugar began in full during the Middle Ages, candy was still present, though it existed in a different form. It is said that the history of candy dates back to ancient peoples who enjoyed the sweetness of honey from honeybees. When the manufacturing of sugar did begin, many people couldn’t afford it because of its high price. In addition, candy was also used as a form of medicine during certain time periods.

How It Grew and Developed

With time, the price of manufacturing candy began to decrease. This decrease in price led directly to hard candy becoming a popular sweet treat that many people loved and sought after. As the love of hard candy grew, so did the industrial revolution, and candy has never been the same since. Candy production has continued to develop and grow over time with new machinery and other developments.

Where It Is Now

It’s amazing to consider how far candy has come, from ancient people eating honey as candy to modern practices that now enable manufacturers to use concentrated flavoring to create artificial tastes. So many different advancements and developments have happened over the years, enabling the candy industry to continue growing and pleasing individuals’ taste buds!

The history of candy and where it originated is a long and detailed story that shows how the industry has progressed to become the booming industry that so many people love today. While the explanation above doesn’t go into extreme detail, it does provide you with the basics of how candy got from where it started to where it is now.

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