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Green Tea Beverage

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Make Your Own Green Tea Beverage!

If you’re not already a tea drinker, I highly recommend you should be.  I always look forward to having a fresh hot pot of tea brought to my table at a Chinese restaurant as soon as I sit down.  It’s a great way to have a few sips before a meal and most definitely right after to soothe the digestive system. I’ve always wanted to educate myself about the origins of tea and its benefits.  This is what I learned. Tea was first discovered by the a legendary Chinese emperor and herbalist, named Shennong, in 2737 BCE where it was used as a medicinal drink. It is one of the oldest and most natural drinks around the world, and many people are realizing that there is a lot more to a cup of tea than you would think.  Green Tea has especially become more popular because of being the healthiest kind in the tea industry. Tea drinkers have a significantly lower risk of stroke and heart disease and is known to boost the brain health. Tea lovers know the healing power of green tea that’s filled with antioxidants. You won’t find those in ours but that’s alright.  

At One on One Flavors, our Green Tea Flavored Liquid Concentrate with a little added sucralose can definitely give you that delicious taste in your drink with any meals and the combinations are endless.  To satisfy that thirst, it is best when you use about 5-8 drops to 8 ounces of water, a little bit of honey and lemon, the taste is phenomenal and it’s so close to the actual Green Tea beverage.  This goes to show that many of our flavors do provide that savory taste and can work for many other purposes as well such has baking, candy flavoring, flavoring lip balm & more!  

Just remember, as with all flavorings, individual tastes are subjective and will vary from one person to another.  We highly suggest trying a 10ml sample size of any new flavoring before committing to a larger purchase.

Thanks for shopping by our OOOFlavors Superstore!  Good customer service is the lifeblood of our business.  We want you to come back happy and pass positive feedback about our business along to others.

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