Egg Loaf Donut Keto Style

by Evelyn Baltierra
July 06, 2018

As you may know, we have recently jumped on the bandwagon and believe in taking our health and fitness to the next level.  You’ve undoubtedly heard about the myriad of benefits the keto diet has to offer. With that in mind, we are encouraging people out there to try our low carb, keto-friendly flavor concentrates.  Keto diets may sound more complex than some simpler diet plans, but embracing a keto lifestyle can offer some surprising benefits especially in weight loss and keeping your blood sugar level under control.  Most importantly, once your body enters ketosis, you’ll notice that you can more easily maintain energy levels throughout the day. We have had some exceptional results with our customers trying our low carb flavors with a plethora of recipes that are in the keto lifestyle.  A fellow follower of ours on Instagram, keto.sam.iam, who has over 34K followers recently used our flavor concentrates to make her famous scrumptious Egg Loaf Donut, also known as the “Cream Cheese Pancake.” Made with cream cheese of course, butter, eggs and our ever popular OOOFlavors:  Blueberry, Vanilla Cupcake, French Toast and Cinnamon Roll. You may also top it off with sugar free syrup.  The finished product is like a soggy French toast, but extremely delicious!  You can find the recipe on our website at as well as others you may want to try.

We want to acknowledge some of the positive reviews:  @kketostyle so so so good; @melissa_spears01 they are super good!!  Onehundredby40 So I made these and then I took two and put cream cheese and “ebtbs” on them and HOLY was fantastic!!!  You’ll want to make a second batch.  

We welcome all of our keto followers to share their experiences with our variety of low carb flavors by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Thank you for shopping at OOOFlavors!  The flavor industry is both fun and challenging, and we will continue to succeed by following the principles that have been established and guided our actions since our doors opened over 10 years ago.  A big thanks to our customers, because of you our employees strive to make great flavors and provide extraordinary customer service one bottle at a time.

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