4 Key Things To Know About Adding Flavor to CBD Oil

4 Key Things To Know About Adding Flavor to CBD Oil

The strong and earthy flavors of CBD oil are a lot to handle. However, you can change the taste to enhance your product. But before you purchase flavoring agents, check out these four key things to know about adding flavor to CBD oil.

Flavor’s Impact on the CBD Oil

Fortunately, the flavor of your CBD oil doesn’t affect the benefits of the product. CBD has an earthy and grassy taste that people like to mask with extra flavoring. For instance, you can add candy flavoring concentrates into your oil to improve the taste.

Please keep in mind that baking with CBD oil impacts the product. Typically, CBD has a boiling point between 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. When you create certain baked goods, the oil may break down and lose some potency.

Importance of the Right Flavoring

When you consume any product, it’s critical to ensure that it’s food-grade. This factor is especially important for adding flavor components to your CBD oil. Don’t mistake therapeutic oils for flavor oils, even if they have food-flavored scents. After all, there’s a huge difference between Lemon Liquid Concentrates and Lemon-scented oil. Ultimately, before enhancing your CBD oil, make sure you use the right flavoring agent.

Consume CBD With These Foods

Another thing to know about adding flavor to CBD oil is that you can use food. Instead of enhancing the oil itself, add a few drops to these items:

  • Raw honey (mix oil in a spoonful of honey).
  • Chocolate (place chocolate under your tongue before adding oil drops).
  • Yogurt (add oil to a spoonful of Greek yogurt).

Quality Over Quantity

CBD oil with flavoring is safe to consume. However, with the overwhelming popularity of CBD products, some manufacturing practices are low quality. This changes the taste of the oil (and sometimes its effect). When searching for the right oil, quality is better than quantity. Responsible companies who follow proper cannabis extraction methods create better-tasting oils.

Additionally, finding the right flavoring company is important too! Fortunately, One on One Flavors has high-quality concentrates that you can add to your CBD oil. Browse through our selection of products today!

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