The Best Alcohol-Flavored Hard Candy To Try

The Best Alcohol-Flavored Hard Candy To Try
The Best Alcohol-Flavored Hard Candy To Try

Candy is not exclusively a children’s dessert. Although many kids love to indulge in these sweet treats, there are plenty of recipes that cater more specifically to adults. In fact, some of the best desserts are a mixture of classic candy and mature beverage flavors. In this blog, we’re focusing on the best alcohol-flavored hard candy to try this summer.

Tequila Sunrise Lollipops

If you have plans to sit by a poolside this summer, we highly recommend bringing tequila sunrise lollipops as a sweet treat. This hard candy is the perfect burst of sweet, sour, and strong liquor ingredients. The combination of orange, cherry, and sweet tequila will cover your tastebuds in a blanket of delicious flavors.

Irish Cream Caramels

Do you have a sweet tooth for caramel candies? If so, consider creating Irish cream caramels as a unique twist to this classic dessert. When you combine the creamy, chocolate, and vanilla flavor of Irish cream with the sweet ingredients of classic caramels, you get a delectable dessert. This candy will melt perfectly in your mouth while adding just the right amount of a liquid edge.  

Jamaican Rum Balls

Are you throwing a summer party? Jamaican rum balls are the best alcohol-flavored hard candy to try in your summer party cocktails. Stir up a heated pan of dissolved water, sugar, and Jamaican rum alcohol flavors to create a ball of intensively strong liquor.

You can use smaller circle molds to create bite-sized rum candies for partygoers, or you can make bigger rum balls to add to drinks. People can add these candies to sodas or other cocktails and create their perfect liquor recipe.

Rosé Sheet Candy

For our rosé wine lovers, we recommend crafting rosé sheets this summer. Rosé has a distinct and delicious blend of flavors, so why not create a candy to make this liquor more saccharine? Boil your rosé alcohol flavoring with sugar and dissolved water and pour this mixture onto a pan. Once your candy hardens, break your rosé sheet into smaller pieces and enjoy this sweet dessert!

Each of these recipes will create a deliciously unforgettable treat. For more information on our different alcohol flavors, flavor concentrates, and recipes, check our Get Suckered website.

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